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What Does a Wealth Manager Do? – Investoo

We’ve all been there. Stood in the kitchen at a house party, you get asked the inevitable.

“So – what do you do?” The answer comes, and you know what will follow.

“I work in wealth management. I’m a wealth manager.”

Cue a circle of blank expressions, a few tentative nods and a quick change of conversation as thoughts head back to the table of sausage rolls and vol-au-vents. But it’s a good question. The braver party-goer may take the step of enquiring “Yes – but what does a wealth manager actually do? What is wealth management?”

Allow me to explain. Wealth comes in many forms – so a wealth manager has a diverse job. Clients will come to a wealth manager, like Porte Brown, for assistance with anything from property, investments, pensions, trusts and insurance through to more complex accumulations of wealth. In most cases, the client’s wealth is made up from a variety of the above.

It’s down to the wealth manager to ensure that all the client’s assets are managed collectively and effectively.

Your Wealth Manager Works for YOU – Whatever Your Needs.

What a Wealth Manager does for you depends entirely upon your situation and your needs. While many cases are similar, the intricacies of each client’s personal situation will lead to an individual solution – a wealth strategy that is unique to each client. They may advise you when you may need to consult wholesale mortgage bankers to better your business finance needs or in which stock options you can invest to yield better profits, it all depends on the individualized needs of each client.

This solution is tailored and crafted as a direct result of full and frank discussions between the wealth manager and client. For instance, after reviewing your financial health, a wealth manager might advise you to join a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) that might be comprised of other people investing in a similar asset collectively. That way the chance of fund growth can be increased while minimizing risks (learn how does a dao work). That said, these discussions between a financial advisor and a client are an ongoing process s and as financial situations change, so do the strategies employed by the wealth manager. It’s organic because the financial outlook is an ever-evolving picture. A risk profile is drawn up early on in the process – and some clients may want a good return by taking minimal risks, while others may be happier with a riskier strategy.

Basically everyone is different. So a wealth manager has to be adaptable to everyone’s needs.

So Who Is The Right Wealth Manager for You?

In order to find the answer, you need to ask a few questions. Not only of the wealth managers but of yourself too. First and foremost, does your wealth manager need to be local? Here in the twenty-first century, communications and technology have made the world a more convenient place and face-to-face business is less of a necessity and so you might be able to use top-rated wealth managers from around the world.

It doesn’t matter where your wealth manager is based if they are the right choice for you.

Discuss the typical type of client with which the wealth manager usually deals. Are they a good match for you? What are your expectations? Do you think this particular wealth manager will meet them?

Find out what the plans are at the wealth management company should something happen to your wealth manager. Is there a business succession plan in place? If not, you might as well contact companies like to make sure that your company does not suffer any financial crisis in the face of such uncertainties. You should feel comfortable that there are more people in the business to cover for holidays, sickness, or should something unforeseen occur.

Finally – and maybe most importantly – listen to your gut instinct. Do you actually like this person? Will you be comfortable talking to, meeting, and placing your trust in them in the future?

So what does a wealth manager do? The answer is – many things. And a good wealth manager is someone with experience, knowledge and the ability to effectively manage your assets over time. Someone you can build a solid, comfortable and trusted relationship with for a brighter future.


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