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Powerful reasons to shop around for your best annuity rates

By  Becky Barnet; Reading Time 6 Minutes


By the time you reach your retirement, you may think you have all the experience you need. You’ve been there, seen it all – and worked hard to ensure a long and happy retirement.

No doubt life will have taught you many lessons along the way. You know it’s vital that your future and the future of those that you love is secure. You know you need to get the best deal when it comes to managing your finances. Experience has taught you that you need experience!

Buying an annuity is a crucial step to take. There is a wealth of choices out there for you – and at first it may appear daunting. You may think that the company with which you build up your pension fund will automatically offer you the best rate, and jump for the first annuity option that they offer to you.

Don’t do it. Annuity rates have been on a downward spiral for years with over 40% of retirees finding themselves short-changed out of thousands of pounds. By receiving specialist advice, you could save yourself a huge sum and ensure that the money that you worked so hard for goes exactly where it’s meant to – to you and those that you love.

But what is an annuity? And why would I want one?

An annuity is a little like a wage in your retirement.

When you finish work you have to convert the capital that you have built up in your personal pension policy into a regular pension. Firstly, you can take up to 25% of your pension pot as a tax-free lump sum. The rest can then be used to buy an annuity – a regular income throughout your retirement.

It effectively replaces the income you received when you worked.

If your annuity is planned for and managed properly, the transition from work to retirement will be a seamless journey for you and those that you provide for – exactly as it should be.

Choices, choices…

Depending on your circumstances and needs, there is much to choose from.

  1. A conventional annuity (often called a ‘lifetime’ or ‘standard’ annuity in the UK) is a popular choice – primarily because you know from the outset exactly how much income you will receive a year.
  2. Fixed term (temporary) annuities provide you with guaranteed income payments over a number of years.
  3. Variable annuities (or ‘investment linked annuities’) give you the chance to increase your retirement income if you’re prepared to link it to the volatility of investments.
  4. However an enhanced annuity is more of a personal package, tailored specifically to you. It takes into account detailed information about your health and lifestyle. This specialised annuity can result in an increase of up to 40% in your retirement income.

With all these choices on offer, you need a respected and experienced advisor to help guide you towards making the right decision. It’s the difference between being well-off or worse-off in your retirement.

An enhanced retirement means an enhanced lifestyle

It may seem hard to believe, but a staggering 125,000 pensioners collectively miss out on £250 million in extra retirement income each year* – purely through not seeking the correct financial advice. 70% of retirees are likely to qualify for an Enhanced Annuity Income – but only 10% of annuity buyers follow through with this option. Yet if you didn’t know about the benefits or the amount of money that you could save and receive – then why would you?

And not only that, but not seeking the right advice has led too many retirees into wrongly believing that declaring their full medical circumstances will result in a negative outcome. It’s simply not the case!

*Source: Association of British Insurers

With an enhanced annuity, full disclosure of your medical circumstances can improve your retirement income.

  • Common conditions such as asthma, diabetes, smoking, obesity, heart attack and even snoring can increase your retirement income by 21%.
  • If you are very seriously ill, you could get more than a 20% uplift.
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you could see 7% more income than from a good health annuity.

But only if you take the right advice from a trusted, reliable and experienced advisor.

So. Who can help me increase my annuity income?

The London Investor can. And not only that, but we could boost it by 40%.

We’ve got the experience and results to prove it. And as an independent firm we can achieve higher rates while selecting from providers across the whole of the market. All we need to get the ball rolling is to have a little chat with you.

  • We’ll review your health and lifestyle to build an accurate picture of your circumstances.
  • With that information, we can assess your options and find the best annuity rates and packages to suit you.
  • We’ll put together a free comparison report, to help you on your way.

It’s all so simple. To book a chat with our annuities expert, click the link below. It shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes – and it’s free and totally non-obligational.

We respect your time – we know how precious it is. Whether or not you choose to go with one of our packages to boost your retirement income is entirely up to you – but we think you’ll like what you hear.

We’re committed to improving your future prospects so that your retirement can be every bit as happy, enjoyable and fulfilling as you’d always hoped it would be.

Choose the right annuity. Choose The London Investor.

Warmest Regards


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“There are a number of annuity options to choose from. we will ensure that you select the right one, suited to your needs and circumstances”

“An enhanced annuity can dramatically improve your level of retirement income if you’re honest, upfront and thorough when disclosing your medical history”

“A friendly chat with our annuities expert will only take around 20 minutes. It’s free and non-obligational, but could set you on the way to a retirement income boost”

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