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Mortgage and Property Finance

The London Investor Announces an Important Strategic Alliance

With the mortgage market starting to pick up speed and the economy showing real signs of recovery, we are proud to announce a new strategic partnership with top mortgage providers.

Proeprty finance advice from the London Investor This would see our clients mortgage requirements being looked after by a firm of specialists and for us to specialise in investment and pension planning.

We are working to provide you with the best mortgage broker in the country which enables us to quickly and easily benchmark rates and deals across products from the whole of market, whilst their scale would continue to ensure that our clients can access money saving broker exclusive products.

Our mortgage providers are proven to deliver the most timely and accurate price intelligence in the marketplace along with providing exceptional levels of customer service.

Send us an email for more information.

Lenders are offering the lowest fixed rates ever at the moment, now is the time to lock in a lower monthly payment, or even refinance to secure better terms and pay off your mortgage sooner rather than later. Have a look at some of our other investment recommendations.

Rates have never been so low, and we can very quickly establish what the best value option would be in your own circumstances and we look forward to providing our specialist advice and answer any mortgage questions. Read our wealth management FAQ’s

Private Property Development Lenders

Property development funding from Hunter Finance 2017We can also advise on private lenders who will have their own lending process and criteria. The terms may be more suitable for you and you may be able to secure finance, perhaps in the form of vail hard money loans or wherever you are from, from a private lender even if you have been refused by a mainstream bank.

Private lenders offer a range of products such as development finance and bridging loans.

Find out why more people are choosing private property development lenders – click here.

If you require advice on your mortgage or property finance and would welcome an initial review please get in touch here or call us direct on 01272 225114.

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Make sure you and your property are fully insured – click here for quotes


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