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Budget 2017 : No Need to Buy an Annuity When You Retire. Find Out if Your Pension Can Make the Most From The Proposed Changes With a Free, Helpful Independent Pension Review

Private pensions just got better for everyone

The Chancellor has finished speaking. The pundits have had their say. The politicians have argued. But one thing is undeniable about the 2017 Budget. If you have a private pension, it’s great news for you.

Assuming the Chancellor’s proposals are accepted – and there’s no reason to suppose they won’t be – you are going to have much more control over your pensions from April 2015. Pensions will become much more flexible and will allow you to take the money you want when you want it. No more being forced into taking an annuity – you can really make your pension work in the way you want it to work.

So the proposed changes are great news – but they’re also a potential minefield.

The Chancellor’s proposals are exactly what we’ve been advocating – but we know that greater freedom and flexibility mean that clients will need more, not less advice. There are now far more options when you retire. With this new found pension freedom a lot of people are going to face a lot of choices – and without proper expert advice a lot of the decisions they make may be wrong.

If the budget announcement has put your pension at the forefront of you mind, why not review yours now

We’re experienced, we’re independent – and we’ll make sure that your pension really works for you.

Get Your Free Pension Review Today

Why Take Action to Review Your Pension


    • find out exactly how your pension is performing.


    • get your current fund size and projected values to your retirement.


    • what your dependents can expect to receive


    • the investment returns needed to meet your goals.


    • the impact of charges on your pension pot.


    • help you track down missing or lost pensions.


    • ensure your pension is tax efficient.



We Help You Make the Right Choices


    • More Choice & Clarity Our pension review is independent, impartial and jargon free, with no hidden fees or costs
    • Better Insights Our experience and knowledge will assist you when considering all your options, including the multiple alternatives that are available to you
    • Working Together Pension planning is not a short term transaction, we’re here for the long term, providing advice and guidance regularly on your remaining pension pot, checking in to ensure everything remains on track.



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